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Phexco in CPHI China 2020
  • Publisher:PHEXCO
  • Time of publication:2020/12/19 0:00:00

Phexco in CPHI China 2020


The 20th CPHI China will be held inShanghai New International Expo Center from December 16 to 18, 2020. Hengruipharmaceutical, Huahai pharmaceutical, Haizheng pharmaceutical, Shijiazhuangsiyao, Hebei Tiancheng, Chenxin pharmaceutical, Yiling Wanzhou and more than100 excellent pharmaceutical enterprises will all be present to discuss andcooperate with more than 75000 domestic and foreign buyers from more than 140countries and regions. The purpose is to become an important link between Chinesepharmaceutical enterprises and overseas buyers and build a two-way platform forin-depth participation at home and abroad.


The annual CHPI exhibition is finallycoming. Affected by the epidemic, it was originally postponed to the end ofJune, but it is the epidemic that highlights the demand of popular industries.We have seen new focus from APIs, biopharmaceuticals, contract customization,packaging materials and laboratory instruments. Shanghai Phexco PharmaceuticalTechnology Co., Ltd.. also actively participated in the exhibition.


During the period of CPHI, we not onlyshowed the products of the cooperative units, but also communicated with manynew customers.